A Seattle man faces a hate crime charge after allegedly punching an Asian woman


In King County, Seattle police officers arrived at the scene of a shirtless white man assaulting multiple people – an act of a hate crime. According to the victim, the suspect yelled “go back to China” prior to the assault, then he was arrested and jailed in King County Jail. Despite his lack of prior felony convictions, he had been tried for a DUI in 2002 as well as disorderly conduct in 2005. Based on data from the Seattle Police Department, the number of hate crimes and bias incidents rose from 260 to 509 in the last two years, leading to newly approved positions focused on hate crimes. Unfortunately, this suspect was not the only criminal facing a hate crime charge, as another suspect, Brett Allen Forsell, was accused of telling a US representative to “go back to India.” With a 339% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes, it remains a possibility that the onset of the pandemic triggered this violence.

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