Europe’s Heat Wave Shatters British Records and Drives Wildfires


With record-high temperatures occurring throughout Greece to Sctoland, an upwards number of 37,000 people have been forced to evacuate in the past week. Despite the best efforts of the firefighters, several major wildfires continue to ablaze, causing panic to senior citizens and passerbys alike. Coupled with the government’s lack of focus towards residential nursing homes, fears regarding the lack of air-conditioning in older buildings continue to rise. While also not limited to deteriorating nursing homes, the Network Rail and several schools have remained shut down, considering their structural incapabilities. Several other countries have implemented strategies to combat this heat, including France’s contingency plans, Greece’s evacuation status, and the Netherlands’ maintenance of Amsterdam’s canals. On a positive note, forecasters throughout Europe said the heat would die down by midweek. 

To read the full article by Mark Landler published in The New York Times, click here.

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