NYTimes: Biden Administration Will Fund Program to Keep Covid Vaccines Free for the Uninsured


Modeled around an already existing childhood vaccine statute, COVID-19 vaccines will remain free for those that are uninsured after they become commercialized later in 2023. Expecting to keep coverage for these shots for about 30 million people, this program will work by partnering with pharmaceutical companies. The administration plans to put in over $1 billion to cover the costs that would normally be paid for by insurance or the patient. This funding came after concerns that the uninsured population would not be able to get the newly released wave of boosters once they are no longer free for all. Another concern is that once people have to pay for these vaccines, that they will stop getting them. This policy could be the start of a new wave of ensuring that all individuals in the United States have access to necessary vaccines, regardless of their insurance status. To read the full article, click here. To read more about COVID-19, click here.

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