ABC: 2 American cyclists among 4 dead in Tajikistan attack claimed by ISIS

Getty images: A traveler on the M41 road (also called Pamir highway), crossing the Pamir plateau in Tajikistan

According to authorities, two Americans were killed during a terrorist attack in Tajikistan that left four dead. A group of cyclists were struck by a vehicle housing five armed individuals. Tajikistan’s interior minister released a statement stating that the individuals onboard exited their vehicle and attacked the cyclist with knives and firearms. Among the dead were two Americans, a Swiss man, and a Dutch national. The U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe condemned the attack and issued a safety alert to those in the affected region. If confirmed by authorities, this would be the first time Americans have been killed in a terrorist attack outside the U.S. since an August 2017 attack in Barcelona. To read more about the attack, click here.

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