The Washington Post: Children’s mental health badly harmed by the pandemic. Therapy is hard to find


Analysts and health professionals have seen a disturbing and substantial increase in mental health cases with children and young teens across the nation, as a result of the pandemic. And with the rising demand for services, health professionals and medical centers are struggling to keep up. A study recently showed that the cases of young adolsecents admitted to the emergency room for suicide attempts had dramatically risen to an average of 1,500 visits per week by Spring 2021. 

Health professionals reveal how the pandemic has highlighted the lack of infrastructure supporting mental health. According to the National Association of School Psychologist, adequate support for K-12 classrooms should be 1 psychologist for every 500 student, while the current support stands at 1 psychologist for every 1,211 students. 

To read the full article by Katherine Ellison published in the Washington Post, click here 

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