Forbes: Moderna requests FDA to approve Covid vaccines for young children, but polls show that most parents are not in a hurry.


After only being licensed for use in adults, Moderna petitioned the FDA on Thursday to obtain emergency use authorization for the shot in young children up to the age of five. Pfizer and BioNTech had earlier requested the FDA to approve their vaccine for young children in February, only for the FDA to swiftly change course and declare that authorization would be delayed until Pfizer provided further clinical study data. However, recent polling reveals that many parents are still hesitant to vaccinate their children and may not do so immediately. Also, some parents may be changing their minds, according to an Axios/Harris survey conducted April 1-3, which indicated that 46 % who are unvaccinated themselves would get their child the vaccine, up from 35 % in February. According to the Harris survey, the majority of parents who have been vaccinated (75%) stated they would vaccinate their young child. About 58% of those who supported vaccination indicated they would vaccinate their young child immediately, while 42 % planned to “wait a period” before getting them vaccinated. More on the article by Alison Durkee can be viewed here.

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